2018 Winner – NZIA Auckland Architecture Award

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A modern house for St Marys Bay

This home enjoys spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge, and Westhaven Marina, appropriate for this family with its strong nautical links. The small site is typical of this location at only 324m², with traditional timber villas and newer houses tightly arranged on small sites.

The brief was for a modern family home sympathetic in overall form to its historic context but with minimalist detailing to clearly articulate it as a new building. The restricted nature of the site meant that the accommodation had to be arranged over 3 floors.

Because of the zoning and compact site, planning constraints were onerous, severely limiting the available envelope for building. This is reflected in the stepped arrangement of the gabled pavilions as the building climbs to the rear of the site.

The glazed gable form of the street frontage relates to the neighbouring villas, frames the views of the harbour from within the building and provides an opportunity for those walking along the green below to visually occupy it.

Outlook elsewhere is modulated to reflect the proximity of neighbours and other available views.

The garden arrangement formed along the northern elevation serves to extend and blur the division between interior and exterior spaces culminating in a semi-enclosed terrace and swimming pool tucked against the building on its street frontage.

Materials have been selected on the basis of appearance and durability and the Council imposed requirement to go some way to integrate the new building into its historic context. However, the tray roof cladding wrapping over the building and folding down the southern elevation clearly identify the building as new. Interior finishes use a refined palette of polished concrete, walnut and steel plate to compliment the sculptural qualities inherent in the gable roof forms expressed throughout.

This new home won a 2018 NZIA Auckland Architecture Award.

Photographer – Fraser Newman