Arney Road House

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Modern residential house design retains traditional Remuera character

The clients’ brief was for a substantial family home that fitted within the traditional notion of the Remuera architectural context. The house is designed in such a way that it captures sun from both the east and west as there is a large protected tree and rising ground on the adjacent property to the north.
Site access is to the north, resulting in the garage being positioned at this end of the site. The main body of the house is to the south of this with the most used family area turning to the north. The principal outdoor living space and pool area are to the (sheltered) north east with a western courtyard and parallel stair gallery capturing afternoon sun.
The overall form of the building has traditional references with a steep slate roof sheltering the whole set against tall masonry chimneys. To add a contemporary note, the building is painted in a modernist white throughout.


Photographer – Patrick Reynolds